Storm Damage Tucson


While Tucson often has a mild climate, there are occasional weather events that can cause serious storm damage. Fortunately, Blue Mountain Roofing offers a wealth of experience in repairing commercial and residential properties following monsoons and other storms. We understand the urgency in scheduling roof repairs following significant storm damage. Thus, we respond quickly to assess the damages and begin roof repairs. In addition, we can help execute cleanup, including debris removal and water extraction.

There are several possible sources of damage for residential and commercial property owners in Tucson:

  • Monsoons
  • Microbursts
  • Strong windstorms and haboobs
  • Mud slides
  • Hailstorms
  • Flash flooding
  • Freezing temperatures resulting in burst pipes

The Storm Damage Professionals Are on the Way!

When you call us to address storm damage, we will be on site quickly to develop a reconstruction plan. We can also immediately secure and protect your home or business and reduce further damage in the following ways:

  • Emergency Board Up of doors and windows
  • Erecting short-term fencing
  • Proving Short Term Waterproofing
  • Performing Water Removal as needed
  • Demolition and Debris Removal

Tucson Hail Damage and Microburst Damage

Tucson area rainstorms can cause serious roof damage to residential and commercial properties. In addition, properties impacted by hail face many expensive problems and water leaks in future storms unless the damage is addressed quickly. Due to the nature of hail, it can be tricky to document damage, so an immediate inspection is critical. Insurance companies require very specific information on the extent of the damage. They may even look for a minimum number of hail strikes on a roof before authorizing repairs. Therefore, we will carefully document and photograph damage after a storm to help you file a claim.

Cleaning Up After A Monsoon

Tucson residents love monsoons for the rain they bring each summer. However, these storms tend to leave widespread damage behind. Following a major monsoon storm, you may face high wind damage, flooding, and increased humidity. Immediate response to emergencies with water damage is very important to reduce the exposure to secondary damages. Every property owner dreads the possibility of mold and mildew. However, the longer these remain undetected, the more devastating their damage becomes. Blue Mountain Roofing has highly trained technicians with extensive experience with every type of storm or water related damage.

We Work With Your Insurance Company From Start To Finish

We work closely with your insurance company to get your property safe and clean after hail or storm damage. In addition, we have a solid working relationship with most Tucson insurance companies. During an inspection, hail or storm damage is documented carefully with attention given to the specific information that insurance companies need in order to file a claim. So, your claim can get processed quickly, and you can get your property back to normal.


Blue Mountain gave me an honest bid and it beat the competition. They warranted everything for me and my roof is in great shape thanks to them. Highly recommend Blue Mountain for roof rebuilding or repairs.

Alex & Maria Gonzalez

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