10 Ways to Get Ready for a Roof Replacement at Home

Take Care of Kids and Pets

Children and pets are exposed to serious risks when installed on the roof. Explain to your children that there will be some dangerous areas so that they avoid going around them.

Move Your Vehicles Away

By moving your vehicles away from the work area, you will prevent accidents and make roofers' jobs easier. Your contractor will need space for his equipment and tools. 

Remove Wall Decorations

Your roofer will employ machinery and tools that will cause vibrations to travel through the walls. Therefore, remove decorations and any hanging objects, such as pictures or chandeliers, from the ceiling and walls.

Cover Belongings in the Attic

Dust and debris will fall into your attic. After all, roof crews will be constantly walking around and using their hammers on the roof. Therefore, it will be better to cover those items that you store in the attic.

Grills and patio furniture should be moved away from the work zone

Move outdoor items like furniture, grills, and potted plants to a safe area away from the work area. If possible, put them in a covered place like the garage.

Prune Trees and Out Grass Before Construction Begins

Long tree branches hanging close to your roof can make your job as a roofer difficult. Also, debris falling from the roof can hide in tall grass.

Identify Accessible Power Outlets

Your contractor's power tools will need accessible outlets to work. Outdoor outlets or garages are the best options, since workers won't need extension cords to run their tools.

Remove Antennas or Satellite Dishes

Call your cable or satellite provider to move antennas or satellite dishes placed near your roof. Ask this company to move them somewhere else, at least temporarily.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Your new rooftop installation will annoy your neighbors. So it would be nice of you to tell them about the job and how long you think it will take. In this way, they can adjust their activities to be as comfortable as possible while the work is in progress.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings While Construction Is Underway

When replacing the roof, unexpected obstacles will appear around your home. You will see extension cords, tools and equipment appearing out of nowhere.