5 Tips to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

When a large storm hits, bringing heavy winds and hail, it can be a very confusing time for a homeowner. Roofing companies from all over will be knocking on your door and leaving door hangers, business cards, and even brochures behind.

Roofing Contractors should all have General Liability insurance of $1,000,000 coverage. This insurance is there to cover the homeowner in the case of any mishaps that could happen during the project.

1. Ensure They are Insured Roofers

Another option is to ask for a list of references that you can call. Every contractor should be able to provide 3 to 5 previous customers that will be willing to share their experiences with you. Also, check Google and Facebook for reviews. Google and social media are both great ways to learn about the contractor.

2. Check Reviews and References

You can check for reviews here also and find current and past projects pictures. Exploring the website will give you a sense of how the company operates and furthermore, will potentially give you a preview of how your experience will be in the end.

3. Explore the Website

Communication is imperative. How does the company communicate? Do they return calls in a respectable time? Are they available via email? Are they professional? Without good communication, how can you feel safe that all the fine details of your project are going to be taken care of properly? If your contractor isn’t communicating well in the beginning, then move on and save yourself a headache.

4. Communication

The deductible is solely the responsibility of the insured. As such, it must be paid by the insured in order to claim the depreciation that has been withheld. The contractor must provide the insurance company with an invoice for the total amount that the insured pay. Contractors who say they can pay your deductible are committing insurance fraud and putting the insured at risk as well.

5. Pay Your Deductible

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