7 Tips to Protect Your Roof from Storm Damage

Replace Damaged Shingles

Any missing or damaged tile requires immediate replacement. A damaged tile has a high chance of breaking. And if something is missing, your home will be openly exposed.

Repair Any Loose Siding

High winds and hail storms can damage the accessory and cause it to loosen. In this case, just like the shingles, the siding also needs immediate attention.

Clean Your Roof Gutters

The gutters should flow freely and drain the water from the foundation with the downspouts. One of the easiest ways to devalue your home is water damage, flooding, or foundation problems

Check To See If The Water is Running Away From Your House

The primary function of grading your lot is to prevent water from flowing near your home and into a drain or other suitable drainage area.

Seal Your Doors and Windows Properly

Wind-driven rain only needs a small gap to infiltrate door and window seals. This could make your home susceptible to home water leaks.

Trim Your Trees Regularly

Problem tree limbs can damage your home, a car, or even your neighbor's property. Frequent trimming of trees on your property is a great way to protect your roof and windows

Keep Checking Around Your Property

Before storm season begins, many people don't have the time or the skills to check and/or repair something in their home. But there are some very simple steps you can take to mitigate its effect if you know a storm is coming