Flat roof coatings  Some Important things you should know  about Flat Roof Coating

Keep your Commercial Roof Safe The cost can be up to 75% less than that of a commercial roof replacement. These types of roof coatings are also tax-deductible in year one.

Don't Ignore Roof Problems One of the most common mistakes that building owners make is ignoring roof-related issues. Owners put themselves in a more difficult financial situation.

State Building Codes A structure can only have two roofing systems before it needs to be replaced. Roof coatings are an excellent solution for older buildings because they don't legally count.

Ponding Water Water does not drain properly off of many commercial flat roofs. Ponding water is an occurrence that can destroy roof warranties and cause internal water damage to buildings.

Make a Roof Maintenance Plan A roof maintenance schedule is the most effective way to address roof-related issues. Building owners can address roof problems before they become costly and damaging.