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At Blue Mountain Roofing, we understand that roof repair needs often come at unexpected times. Particularly if you are in need of repairs following storm damage, you won’t want to deal with a complicated repair process. That’s why we offer hassle-free, no-charge quotes for roofing costs. Whether you need repairs, protective roof coating, or complete roof replacement, we can provide an estimate. We will also provide a detailed breakdown of the services included in the estimate. This will help you visualize the full scope of the project and understand where you might be able to adjust costs.

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What’s included in a project quote for roofing costs?

When you call us for an estimate of your roofing costs, we will schedule a visit to your home or business. This allows us to perform a roofing inspection for the most accurate project quote possible. In addition, it will let you get to know our team and see our professionalism firsthand. When we provide a written quote, we will include our recommendations for roof repairs or roof replacement. We will also detail our proposed project timeline and all associated costs. As a result, you will go into your project with clear expectations. Therefore, you will likely be more pleased with the end results.

We may also provide an overview of your insurance coverage for your roof repair or roof replacement cost. We are happy to work with your insurance provider to ensure that your repairs are covered.

Why can’t you provide a quote over the phone?

Many customers call us looking for a quick quote over the phone. While we may be able to provide a broad overview of roofing costs on the phone, we aren’t able to assess all project details for an accurate written estimate. Therefore, we will schedule an on site visit to ensure we fully understand the scope of your roofing needs.

Call us to schedule a free, no-obligation quote. We’ll assess the details of your project, and write out an accurate quote for your roofing costs along a timeline for the work.