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Shingle Roofs in Tucson and the Surrounding Areas

Asphalt shingles are among the most popular roofing materials used in the U.S. on residential and commercial properties. Their popularity is due largely to their aesthetic appeal and longevity. The average shingle roof can last up to 20 – 25 years before it requires a replacement. At Blue Mountain Roofing in Tucson, our roofers have extensive experience working on shingle roofs. We offer free estimates on both repairs and replacements.
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Benefits of Shingle Roofs

There are many reasons why so many homeowners choose shingles for their roofing material. Shingles are aesthetically attractive and customizable to suit a home’s existing décor. They are available in a range of color palettes, styles, and even textures. In fact, you can even choose shingles that mimic the look of tile, slate, or cedar shakes. Despite this, shingles are quite affordable, making them a good choice for homeowners who want the look of higher-end roofing materials, but without the hefty price tag. Other benefits of shingles include the following:
  • They are made of lightweight material that won’t damage the sunroof.
  • They offer excellent fire resistance, which is particularly important in the arid Southwest.
  • Shingles resist severe weather and high wind speeds, which is ideal in areas where strong storms can knock tree branches into homes.
  • Shingles are recyclable.
In addition, shingles are highly flexible. Even if you have a home with complicated features like a Dutch gable, chimney, or skylight, shingles are flexible enough to protect these features.

Do You Need a Shingle Roof Replacement?

At Blue Mountain Roofing, we understand that affordability is a top priority for our customers. We’ll assess your roof to determine whether it needs a full replacement or whether you can get by with making just a few repairs. Generally, we recommend repairs when only a few shingles or a limited area has sustained damage. However, you may need a full shingle roof replacement if the following types of damage are widespread:
  • The edges of the shingles are curled up or the tabs are cupped.
  • The shingles have lost a great deal of granules and look “bald.”
  • The shingles have begun to crack.
  • The roof as a whole looks weathered and worn-out.
  • There are areas of algae or moss growth on the roof. This traps moisture in the area, leading to the potential for water damage inside the home.
In addition, the age of the roof can be a consideration. We typically recommend a roof replacement if the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. For shingle roofs, this is about 20 years.

Request a Free Quote

Blue Mountain Roofing offers free estimates for shingle roof repairs and replacements in the Tucson area. Contact us today at (520) 288-8703 to schedule an in-person appointment so that we can measure your roof and assess its condition in order to provide an accurate estimate.

What people say

UPDATE: Mike from Blue Mountain called and made things right for us.We are asking Blue Mountain for an estimate for additional work. At this point, I would recommend Blue Mountain.Roof leaked after their work and they wouldn't own up to it. Loos e tiles on the roof also. Dozens of horseshoe shaped nails blowing onto the ground for weeks after they completed the work. Called no less than seven times. They would promise to come by but never show up. Stay away!
David Michika
David Michika
Came on time did exactly what they said they would do helps us in other ways I would recommend them
betsy wolf
betsy wolf
I had a few areas on my roof with ponding issues that had a couple unsuccessful attempts at resolving previously. Mike's foreman on this job spent a couple days crawling around on his knees with some levels and through various methods created adequate flow to remove 95% of my ponding issues. This roof had a bare minimum of fall, and I was convinced that I needed a more drastic fix to create enough fall to dry up these areas. Kudo's to these guys for providing a very cost effective solution to my problem. Blue Mt comes highly recommended by me. Thanks again, Mike.
Erik Menten
Erik Menten
It was a great day when I contacted Mike at Blue Mtn. One of the smartest calls I've made. My roof was replaced by a professional and very competent crew. They didn't mess about but got my old roof off, replaced some plywood, tacked down the tar paper, and hammered the shingles without any hold-ups. Really nice guys and they cleaned up so well that my yard looked better than before they came. Excellent job and I highly recommend. Let it rain!
Nancy Conlon
Nancy Conlon
Blue Mountain did a complete re-roof job on my home. The work started on time and finished on time. The workers always showed respect for our property and cleaned up each day. I can easily recommend.
Brian Searfass
Brian Searfass
Great price. Came a day earlier than expected. Finished a day earlier than expected. Cleaned up each day. Easy to contact. Looks like good work but we'll see when it rains. Warranty too! I would recommend.
natalie Bonds
natalie Bonds