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If you live in an area with severe weather, your roof is likely to take a beating. Hail, wind, and rain can all cause damage to your roof, which will eventually lead to leaks and other problems.

It’s important to have a qualified roofer inspect your roof regularly and perform any necessary repairs. If you wait until there’s a major problem, it may be too late and you’ll end up needing a new roof altogether.

Roof Repair in Tucson and Surrounding Areas

No roof is designed to last forever. Metal roofs have the longest lifespan, but even these roofs need some sort of maintenance over long periods of time. At Blue Mountain Roofing, we are proud to offer a wide range of roofing services in Southern Arizona. Our professional roofers consistently provide roof repair that Tucson residents can count on. Our roofing company offers comprehensive roof repair services in Tucson, AZ. We can fix any type of roof damage, from small leaks to major repairs. We also offer preventative maintenance services to help keep your roof in good condition.

When you call us for a roof inspection, we will assess whether the roof can be repaired before recommending roof replacement. Depending on the type of roofing you have, you might expect to get 10-30 years out of this part of your home or commercial space. Therefore, roof repairs will be appropriate when the roof is not yet nearing the end of its useful life. Common roof repairs include fixing small leaks and issues caused by wind damage, and replacing missing shingles. Our expert Tucson roofing team can assess the damage and let you know when full replacement can be avoided with simple roof repairs.

Reliable Roof Repair Services

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections should always be handled by the professionals. When you look at your roof from the ground, you may not recognize or even be able to see some of the most common signs of roofing damage. However, attempting to go up to your roof on your own can be dangerous. Our team of professional roofing experts can safely access your roof and thoroughly inspect for signs of damage, including buckling shingles, broken tiles, and damaged flashing. Then, we will provide an accurate estimate for your roof repair costs before we begin any work.

Roof Repair

Once we have determined that repairs will be more cost effective than complete roof replacement, we will begin the repair process. In addition to replacing damaged or missing components on your roof, we will clean up any existing water damage. Untreated, water damage from leaky roofs can cause mold and further structural damage to your home. You shouldn’t wait to call us if you observe leaks or suspect damage after a severe storm. We can also provide emergency roof repair services when needed.

Commercial Roofing Projects

In addition to residential roof repairs in Tucson, we provide a full selection of commercial roofing repairs. Scheduling appropriate building repairs as needed is essential for any commercial property owner. Along with meeting rental maintenance guidelines for your tenants, building maintenance ensures a strong public image for your property. That can mean more customers and fewer potential liabilities—both favorable assets for your bottom line.

Some of the most common roofing repair services we offer include:

  1. Leak repair
  2. Roof replacement
  3. Shingle repair/replacement
  4. Flashings repair
  5. Skylight repair
  6. Chimney flashing repair

Roof Repair Cost Estimates

Blue Mountain Roofing is one of the leading roofing companies in Tucson, AZ. We offer affordable roofing services that Tucson residents rely on. We always provide written estimates for roof repairs and replacement services. This estimate will include a detailed breakdown of the work that needs to be done to restore your property. We will also provide an accurate timeline for the project, so you know exactly what to expect. In addition, we work to keep our pricing competitive without cutting corners on our work. As a result, you can enjoy the highest level of craftsmanship at the best possible price.


At Blue Mountain Roofing,

don’t pay for a brand new roof if you don’t have to! Let Blue Mountain Roofing, leading roofing contractors in Tucson, assess the damage to your roof and provide the appropriate repairs. We’ll only recommend roof replacement if it’s truly beyond repair due to age or weather-related damage.

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