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Tile Roofs in Tucson and the Surrounding Areas

Tile roofing is a beautiful alternative to shingle roofs. Traditionally made from fired clay or terra cotta, roofing tiles today are most often molded and tinted slabs of concrete. At Blue Mountain Roofing, our experienced roofers in Tucson frequently work on residential and commercial tile roofs. We provide both roof repairs and replacements, with free estimates available.
Tile roof inspection and repair

Why Choose Tile?

Tile roofing material is a great choice for homeowners in the Southwest because tile is effective at shielding homes from hot weather. Roofing tiles also perform well under monsoon storms, as they are able to handle significant amounts of rain that fall in a short window of time. One downside of a tile roof is its weight. However, a heavy roof is typically not a problem in the hot Southwest, as homeowners don’t have to worry about snowfall adding to the weight. Here’s a quick snapshot of the many advantages of tile roofs:
  • Durable : A tile roof can last over 50 years if installed correctly.
  • Reliable : Most tile roof manufacturers offer a generous, 50-year rating.
  • Energy-efficient : These roofs help homes stay cooler in the summer.
  • Low maintenance : Tile roofs rarely require repairs. When repairs are necessary, it’s usually because of a heavy impact, such as a tree falling during a storm. However, if your house was built before the code change, there is a good chance that you need new underlayment.
  • Moisture-resistant : Never worry about rot or insect damage.
  • Eco-friendly : Roofing tiles are made from natural materials and they are recyclable.
In addition, roofing tiles are available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit your home’s existing décor.

Contact Blue Mountain Roofing for Roof Replacement

The team at Blue Mountain Roofing continually strives to make homeownership more affordable for our valued customers. Each time we’re called out to a property, we take the time to thoroughly assess the condition of the roof to determine whether a full replacement is necessary or whether the roof only needs a few repairs. If only a few tiles have sustained damage, we recommend repairs. However, if multiple areas of the roof have sustained widespread damage, it’s likely that the entire roof needs to be replaced. Another factor to consider is the underlayment. This protective covering underneath the tiles isn’t as durable as the tiles themselves. Over time, it can sustain damage, which can lead to water leaks. If the underlayment is damaged, you may need a roof replacement.

Request a Quote from Blue Mountain Roofing

If you’re in need of tile roof repairs or a tile roof replacement in the Tucson area, get in touch with Blue Mountain Roofing today. Our experienced roofers offer free estimates and we will even work with your insurance company to help you get coverage. Call us at (520) 288-8703.